For speedy reference I have collated all the articles I have written since January 2022 about electro-magnetic frequencies being responsible for the illness we call Covid19.

Some of them contain links to previous work on Steemit and Hive blog.

All of them contain external links to evidence from other sources.

I hope this proves useful.

UPDATE: All articles beyond July 2022 are added in comments as they appear.


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This is worth hearing too!


Pumima Wagh, 2 PhDs in Virology and Immunology, 20 year career as a Lab researcher and scientist, destroys the Covid scam with proof, in language even a layman can understand. Who benefits? Big Pharma and its owners (not shareholders), Gates, Fauci whom she calls criminals, using words like "fraudulent," "deliberate," "planned and premeditated." She correlates 5G to Covid.


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I have seen the Dr Ardis interview and it does not change my opinion. The sequence used to create the mRNA in the vaccines was a computer generated toxin. All Ardis has done is publicise that one small part of the sequence is also found in snake venom. He has not proven that the original illness has that substance as its source.

I still think that all theories are covering up for the effects of the 5G roll out.

I do not believe that a synthetic version of snake venom has been added to water supplies. That part was skipped over far too quickly and without a shred of proof.

Immediately before his murder Dr Bing Liu was researching the effect of EMF radiation on genes.

Dr Bing Liu's paper was not published and I suggest that maybe this research caused his murder.

This is a HIGHLY TABOO subject online. Few have escaped attention from the predators when raising it. I include myself, having been banned from most social media and yesterday my laptop was hit causing me to have to restore Windows from the cloud before I could get back online.

I do not trust Dr Ardis. I think he is a distraction. His delivery smacked of having been carefully rehearsed. It was identical for each of Stew Peters and Mike Adams. Neither of whom are entirely trustworthy either!

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Sep 24, 2023Liked by Frances Leader

we have one more researchers who strongly points to 5g=covid

here he is on susbtack:


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Go to Gab--In my opinion it is the best!!


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EMF rouleaux can be reversed by 'grounding' eg earthing by walking barefoot on natural ground, beach &c. 7 minutes of walking on dewy grass I found sufficient to largely disperse clumping/ rouleaux. $600 optical microscope (X40).

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I really admire your spirit and dedication to truth-telling. Keep up the excellent work you're doing in enlightening us all. Thank you Frances! 🙏🌹

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Just now shared a follow-up comment to Dr Tess Lawrie on your prior extensive 5G work re: her 5G article of April 13, 2023 that I linked below in another post here.

My comment here on her stack just now >


Hoping that you two can connect as she mentions that "she is participating in an upcoming 5G/C19 discussion w/Dr Beverly Rubik, a US biophysicist & 5G researcher who is also ringing 5G alarm bells."

I'm sorry but I don't remember if either of you have mentioned each other in 5G related stack articles but hoping that you can get together virtually "across the pond" to discuss this with each other. :-)

Dr Lawrie says: in her April 13 stack today (that I linked) "We are no longer an unsuspecting publicI - if the Covid-19 jabs are a bioweapon, what is 5G?" >

Lawrie says: In my opinion, our governments are no longer in control, if indeed they ever were. The haste to roll out this weapons-grade technology suggests to me that the supranational powers controlling the Great Reset are scrambling to scale up the terms of our enslavement before it’s too late (for them).

When faced with the relentless and senseless push to administer toxic genetic injections to our boys, girls and precious babies, could any of us still be clueless?

No longer unsuspecting, we are deeply suspicious and have every right to be!

As such, all that is being done without our consent and explicit permission demands answers.

If you want to learn more about 5G and how you can protect your family from this ubiquitous and invisible danger, join me this Sunday for Tess Talks, where I will be speaking with Dr Beverly Rubik, a US biophysicist and 5G researcher who is also ringing the 5G alarm bells. A former professor with no conflicts of interest and extensive research experience in this field, Dr Rubik is a calm voice of reason that I trust. Do tune in and decide for yourself."

So, who better to discuss this issue with than you , Frances, who has already done extensive work on it.

And, final point, there are two other sources that strengthen the argument for 5G over the C19 "virus".

There is no C19 virus (or viruses for that matter) as has been proven definitively by the vitally important documentary, Mike Wallach's "The Viral Delusion" - See Part 1 Behind The Curtain of The PLANdemic & The Pseudoscience of SARS-COV-2 here > https://www.bitchute.com/video/lSSlS7acUhXa/

& also by Christine Massey & her important FOI investigative research linked through her substack.

Christine Massey's "germ" FOI Newsletter - https://christinemasseyfois.substack.com/

There is NO C19 VIRUS so it cannot ever be modified into variants or weaponized in a laboratory. But people can & have been poisoned/killed by deadly toxic chemicals & poisons throughout history.

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Love that your 1st substack was EMF= Cov19! Relevant to this excellent 5G overview & the archive of links you provide, Frances, is a recent stack on 5G dangers posted by Dr Tess Lawrie. Others are waking up to the dangers as more & more are getting the 5G message you've been flogging, finally.

> We are no longer an unsuspecting public - If the Covid-19 jabs are a bioweapon, what is 5G?

Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​ - Apr 13, 2023


Excerpt: The manufactured Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ was launched on a trusting and unsuspecting public in 2020. It therefore seems prudent to revisit Covid hypotheses vigorously denied by health authorities and their corporate media. It’s precisely these unpublished, rebutted and ridiculed – so-called ‘conspiracy’ – theories that are bearing the hallmark of truth three years on.

Where does one start? When Covid-19 first broke out, many independent scientists and commentators pointed to the concomitant rollout of 5G technology in Wuhan and elsewhere, suggesting that it may have contributed to Covid-19 prevalence and should be investigated. These suggestions about the origin of Covid-19 were swiftly squashed by the fact-checkers. The same article debunking this alternative hypothesis goes on to state authoritatively that “the current coronavirus is a zoonotic virus… that is, it is spread from animals to humans”, quoting the WHO-China Joint Mission report that has been confirmed as not true.

Arguably more plausible, are revelations from Dr Redfield’s testimony on the likelihood that the coronavirus outbreak came from secret gain-of-function research conducted by the US Department of Defence in conjunction with private actors. According to this hypothesis then, the engineered coronavirus pathogen may have been leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the US-led research was being conducted.

This begs the question, would such a leak have been accidental or deliberate? Reminded of the soulless faces of NIH’s Anthony Fauci (“I am the science”) and WEF’s Klaus Schwab (“You will own nothing and be happy”) I’m inclined to believe it would be the latter.

Thus, it looks to me as though even the latter hypothesis may be a distraction from the greatest threat – a technology that has been rolled out faster than lightening and arguably faster than the dangerous genetic “vaccines” themselves.

Consider those early and terrifying images played on the BBC and other corporate media of people dropping dead on the spot from this deadly pathogen, and reports of Wuhan being turned into “Zombieland”. Does this fit with a viral respiratory disease? I’d say not. On reflection, these images seem to be pure and simple propaganda.

So, if Covid was deliberately leaked from the Wuhan lab to facilitate the deployment of Covid-19 injections as a bioweapon, as many conspiracy analysts suggest, what then is the 5G rollout in the Megalomanic’s Handbook? Is 5G really just about surveillance and control, the internet of bodies and digital enslavement, or is there more power to this technology than we have been prepared to consider?

This week I listened to a conversation between the German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and Barry Trower, a retired military man and microwave warfare expert. I was shocked to hear that the military capabilities of microwave technology have been know about and deployed since the 40’s and 50’s by military all over the world, yet we the public have been none the wiser. According to Barrie Trower, information on and evidence of the danger of this technology have been deliberately withheld.

I have written previously about the similarities in the regulatory failures between the experimental covid-19 injections and WiFi and 5G technology.

Barry Trower attributes the failure of the authorities to the cunning of one Australian professor affiliated with ICNIRP. This industry-linked private organisation set the original safety standards for cell phone microwave radiation in the 80s based on thermal effects on an adult dummy model measured for 6 minutes. It continues to get away with ignoring the significant evidence of harm from non-thermal effects because of the wording in the guidance that protects ICNIRP from accountability.

In this way, ICNIRP has cleverly dumped the responsibility for the unsafe deployment of this technology on the shoulders of every civil servant who approves its installation. So those who do not read the ICNIRP guidance and make decisions that lead to public harm are fully responsible for harms caused. They just don’t seem to know it – yet. But with experts like Barrie coming forward, public awareness is bound to grow and these officials on town council committees responsible for signing off this unsafe technology are likely to find themselves in hot water very soon. Please do help turn up the heat!

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Feb 19, 2023Liked by Frances Leader

I love your style and, dareI call it, spunk. Also the Buddhist references. I, too, am fighting against this -all of it - and have been intimate with it since 1994 when all that is happening now (IOT, 5/6 G etc) was revealed to me then. People said I was deluded, now they hopefully see they were wrong. In this instance I don’t like being able to say “ I told you so”.

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You said "Try googling Frances Leader and see endless stuff about the French President, Macron!"

Actually, I tried Ecosia, Freespoke, Presearch, Bravesearch and Google and they first search result on each one is you and your Substack.

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I am new to all this but understood Covid to be a scam because I worked in a hospital and saw firsthand it was a lie- I have been trying to put the pieces together and I’m not a doctor/scientist which I believe was my saving Grace because I took nothing at face value- anyway my magnolia tree this year never fully flowered, which has never happened in 17 years I’ve lived here, and one side looked “burned” for lack of a better word. I truly believe it’s EMF for this and other reasons.

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These findings from extensive research line up well

with the declarations of the Fullerton Informer.

His sleuthing uncovered the covert installations of

maximal emf-producing instrumentation in all those

Institutions that were closed or given restricted-access

status supposedly due to the covid assault.

This included schools that were newly surrounded by

security fencing reminiscent of dark ops sights.

And hospitals that were supposedly beyond admission

-capacity were in fact discovered to be empty, except for

technical personnel - very busily going about their


The same held true for dozens of institutional properties such as

library's, universities, community centres, public service resource

centres, many sites that typically house massive public gatherings.

This seems to indicate the widespread construction of emf-

producing hardware in such strategic locations that the entire

population is affected.

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I use a microwave oven for some things, a good one, sometimes.

Does it emit if not in use? Is there evidence one shouldn't use it ever?

Should WIFI be disconnected when not used?

Should internet be curtailed to the library?

Anybody know?

Are we bombarded anyway?

We do have health issues, breathing, energy.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Sep 2, 2022Liked by Frances Leader

They have NO right to silence you. And they will continue to do so, as they have done for at least 3 past decades. My main concern for you and other brave people who voice their opinions here, and anywhere, is that you are all SAFE. In not so distant past, many have "disappeared" or got sick with "mysterious" illnesses particularly in Easter Europe (uncorrupted scientists, doctors, virologists and ordinary people). Their voices never got heard internationally, their warnings ghosted. And they remain nameless to this very day. Many people have tried to warn the world about what is happening right now. I pray for your safety and I hope you remain firmly settled in your belief that they have no right nor power to silence you. Knowing you feel and think that way, gives me hope....again that maybe somebody can do something about it, where so many before them have failed. God Bless You Frances Leader.

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